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  Posted on: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
Parents raise awareness after son's death from synthetic LSD
Source: KHOU by Grace White

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - He was just 16-years-old and died after taking a form of synthetic LSD.

The parents of Grant Hobson opened up about what happened on the same day 3 more Montgomery County teens are arrested on various drug charges.

"It was a $5 dollar incident that took my son out of the game," said Tyler Hobson, his father.

Grant Hobson was a student at Montgomery County High School.

"He was delightful," said Traci Hobson, his mother.

His parents said he made a bad decision at a party.

"It's already coursing through your veins, there's no take back, no second chances," said Tyler.

It was a decision to try a form of synthetic LSD that cost him his life.

"It ranges in potency because these people are making this in their garages and they are dipping it into a compound; they might dip it twice, they might dip it once," said Tyler.

Montgomery High School leaders posted pictures of the drugs on the school's website to warn parents.

However, the Hobsons never got a warning.

"He was always very affectionate and very sweet with us," said Traci.

Grant was on the debate team, loved to read and was already getting letters from Ivy League schools.

"He was very excited and proud someone would pursue him," said Traci.

This mom and dad hope students will realize one decision can end it all.

"Maybe through our pain, our grief, some children can be saved," said Tyler.

Montgomery I.S.D. Police say more arrests could come as their investigation continues. Grant's parents say education is now their mission and they plan to share their story with youth at their local church.

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